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Until that time, staff will take extra care to safeguard privacy, particularly in sleeping and sanitary areas.

You, your relatives and your carers will be told why the situation has occurred, what is being done to address it and who is dealing with it. If you find yourself in this situation, you are able to make a complaint to the trust.

However, there will be some exceptional circumstances in which providing fast, effective care for the patient will take priority over providing same-sex accommodation.

The NHS will never turn someone away because a bed in same-sex accommodation is not available.

This applies to all areas, regardless of the admission route (planned or emergency admission) or the local pressure on beds.You shouldn’t have to pass through opposite-sex accommodation, toilets or washing facilities to gain access to your own facilities or to access other hospital services.If men and women have to be put in the same accommodation, they will be separated as soon as possible.The effect of correct and consistent condom use on chlamydial and gonococcal infection among urban adolescents.Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 2005;159 (6) 536- 542Pub Med Article Sznitman SRHorner JSalazar LF et al.

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Teens spend an increasing amount of time with their peers, and the feedback they get from their friends and classmates may tune the brain's reward system to be more sensitive to the reward value of risky behavior.

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