Dating corpses with hair analysis matthew davis dating sarah lancaster

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Dating corpses with hair analysis

The Borremose bodies are three bog bodies that were found in the Borremose peat bog in Himmerland, Denmark.Recovered between 19, the bodies of a man and two women have been dated to the Nordic Bronze Age.Hair analysis can also assist in drug compliance testing and drug abstinence monitoring.Moreover, drug-hair analysis is becoming a popular alternative to urinalysis since urine samples provide only short-term information about drug use while hair samples provide a larger window of detection as well as history of use over time.As a forensic science sample, hair has many beneficial aspects when compared to urine and blood.Since sample collection is non-invasive, hair analysis is commonly used in workplace drug testing and drug treatment programs.In 1891, the Gundestrup cauldron was found in a nearby bog.

The Iceman is much older than the Iron Age men from the Danish peat bogs and older even than the Egyptian royal mummies.

The corpse is believed to be female, although decomposition made it difficult to be sure.

The bog body was lying face down two feet deep on a base of birch bark.

Where was the Iceman's home, and what was he doing at the high mountain pass where he died?

Painstaking research--especially of plant remains found with the body--contradicts many of the initial speculations On a clear day in September 1991 a couple hiking along a high ridge in the Alps came upon a corpse melting out of the ice.

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Almost as astounding was the presence of a complete set of clothes and a variety of gear.

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