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Dota client not updating

Still a mod at the time, 6.00 added 10 new heroes: Axe, Bloodseeker, Dazzle, Earthshaker, Enchantress, Enigma, Phantom Lancer, Shadow Fiend, Tiny and Weaver.

The addition of a deluge of new heroes changed the game significantly, but they have now been around for so long that it's difficult to imagine it without them.

The last version, 6.00, was released over a decade ago in 2005.

Since the launch of professional Dot A2, mainstream tournaments have been struggling with connectivity issues, mainly caused by DDo S attacks and server instability.

Recently, players and the audience were forced to bear a lot of long pauses and, in many cases, abandoned or postponed games.

No new heroes aside from the Monkey King have been announced for 7.00, but even so, fans are (justifiably) losing it.

Many fans are taking this communication from Ice Frog as a further sign that the changes coming will be huge, as this and his congratulations to the Boston Major winners are his first tweets since joining Twitter in 2008.

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Has anyone else experiance this problem since October 5th 2016?

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