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Validating HTML for email can be tricky–read on for our how-to guide.One of the most popular validators is the free one maintained by the W3C, or World Wide Web Consortium.But I do know that if you want to have better relationships with people, the skill of emotional validation is extremely useful. Validation allows a person to release their feelings in a healthy, safe and supportive way. Thus it builds bonds of caring, support, acceptance, understanding and trust.The relationship will be better because with more validation you are going to have less debating, less conflicts, and less disagreement. When a person is feeling down, these bonds are sometimes all that another person needs to begin to feel better and solve their own problems.

You can change the trust settings of certificates to allow specific actions.

Validators do this by checking your code against a specification, or a set of rules for the language that your code was written in.

These specifications make up what is commonly referred to as “web standards.” The trouble is that most email clients don’t support web standards and instead only support a hodgepodge of HTML and CSS.

This section encompasses a variety of mostly verbal techniques. It's a really important aspect in relationships, whether personal, work, or college.

You do not need to use all these techniques in order to validate; instead, choose one or two that feel natural and fitting in a given situation.

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