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As Kin mentioned in his comment above, it is possible to accomplish what I was trying to do using the SSIS Lookup transformation component (example also provided in his comment) which answers my question.While I will surely be using this component in the future I decided to go with a more straightforward SQL scripting method to accomplish what I needed after reading mskinner's comment (and referenced blog) which points out that using an Execute SQL task is probably going to be much faster/efficient than using the Lookup Transformation component in SSIS for what I am trying to accomplish.I created an SSIS Pacakge that imports a monthly extract claims file.I have a simple Data Flow task, flat file to OLEDB Destination with a Derived column component in between used to generate a primary Key (based on a combination of 3 columns in the extract file).

To follow up with what Kin said, you can use a Lookup transformation along with an OLE DB command to do the delete...Now, lets continue to imagine that you have a corresponding table in SQL Server: So, the situation is thus; We want to update records that exist in both the table and the Excel file and insert those that exist in the Excel file but not in the table. Under Control Flow we need to add a new Control Flow Item – Data Flow. Now double click on this item, or select the Data Flow tab. Drag the line from the Merge Join to the conditional split 2. I am going to assume you know the basics of SSIS and so will start from the perpective of a new project in BIDS. Now that is in place, both streams of data need to be sorted by the ID columns (note, make sure you pass through the columns you have just converted and don’t pass through the Excel columns. We will perform the left outer join and the conditional to determine if each row is either a new row or existing row. Double click on the Merge Join, select the UID column from the database, and the UID, First Name, Surname, and Age columns from the Excel Source. Remeber to change the join type to Left outer Join Now we can perform the conditional split: 1. Drag the line from the Excel Sort to the Merge Join, this will be your Merge Left Input 4.To configure the OLD DB Command, Double click on the item: a.

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However, there are some issues with using that OLE DB Command (as Devin Knight mentions here… Long story short, I am not sure your initial approach of loading to a staging table is a bad one, depending on your situation.