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This is in an effort to have a canna community and resource centre, providing information, support and dignified access to qualifying patients.

Information provided for research purposes only of course - not in any way a substitute for professional medical or legal advice! Some of our more recent Product information sheets include:(All information is subject to change and be out of date without notice - this is for reference purposes only and cannot be assumed to be up-to-date)THC's Pipe / Waterpipe Screen Menu - THC's Pipe / Waterpipe Parts Menu - THC's Scale Selection - THC's Glossary of Dab & Glass Terminology - THC's Glossary of Dab & Glass Terminology Diagram - THC's Glossary of Vape Pens / 'E-Cigarettes' Terminology - THC's E-Nails / High5 Vape Information Sheet - THC's Garden Center Pots Sheet - THC's Garden Center Trays Etc.

Ultimately, the Director Military Careers (D Mil C) granted a two-year compassionate posting to the military unit closest to Toronto which had a vacant position in the grievor's occupation.

The refused to comply with the compassionate posting instruction.

Today Angeline, Ana, Steve, and John are joined by Lucas.

Lucas is on today’s show to discuss Veg Speed Date; he is the organizer of these fantastic veg events that take place in Toronto.

What have been some of the challenges, successes and issues you have encountered when integrating “compassionate inquiry” approaches into your practice? Maté will answer questions and demonstrate and elaborate the method further during our time together.

"This is a concerning video that we wanted to have an opportunity to investigate," Cross said.We will also be hosting different events, classes and seminars for our canna-community and resource centre.With the monumental victory for all sick Canadians through the Allard trial, Just Compassion is more empowered then ever to be open.A video appearing to show the incident surfaced later that day, Douglas-Cook said.In the video, which has been viewed more than a million times on You Tube, a woman appears to hit, pull and bite a small dog sitting on her lap on a subway train. Stop it, stop it right now," the woman yells at the dog, which is on a leash and is seen trying to move away several times. " the woman says to the man before hurling expletives.

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He submitted that instead of being posted to Toronto, he was posted to one of the furthest bases away from that location in Ontario.

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