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Vum updating windows computers

Upgrading the Update Manager piece was equally as easy as v Center – just ran the wizard and everything was forklifted up.Take a look at the screenshots of the entire process below.This tool has the capability to manage updates for VMware v Sphere ESX and ESXi as well as Windows and Linux guest OS’s.It can also take advantage of some of the native features of v Center Server, such as VMotion, to patch host systems without any downtime to the virtual machines that reside on them.In my environment the VCSA is embedded with platform services controller so just one appliance for a small environment.Over to the right you have a check updates dropdown button.v Center Server Upgrade One of the changes to this release of v Center is that VMware is now using v Postgres as the database engine in the backend.You receive a message that the SQL Express DB will be migrated to Postgres unless you want to use full blown SQL Server Here we see the confirmation screen on which you have to agree that you have backups of everything before proceeding.

hit Next Confirm your options and hit Finish A “hidden'” iso (CD) image will be built containing the patches to be installed.Click the button and select to Check URL which will pull live updates from VMware.As you can see below, when I ran the update check, it came back with the available update to take the appliance to VC-6.0.0U1b level, build number 3343022 Click the Install all updates link under the install Updates dropdown button.On the left open up “Services and Applications” and click the Services branch. Now open up the v Sphere Client and it should start and load the Update Manager plugin with no errors. In the right pane right click the VMware Update Manager Service and select Stop.

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